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The New Beginnings Mantra will bring focus and positive energy to you as you travel toward the mysterious edge of a new beginning. Perhaps, a new relationship, a new business, or a new adventure is on your horizon.  This mantra with guide you to move with an open heart and gift you the confidence to accomplish your desires and fulfill your wishes.   Each new day comes with new strength, new thoughts and new opportunity.  This mantra will bring light and peace to the unsettled and empower you on the path to discovery of your deepest desires and your inner song. 

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The mantra recording will take approximately twenty two minutes to complete. The mantra is repeated 108 times on the recording. To receive the maximum benefit, listen to the mantra in its entirety for 41 days.

At the beginning of each mantra you will hear the Om sound. The first bell you hear will signify the completion of the 11th mantra, the second bell the completion of the 41st. When considering the time to set aside for your mantra, keep in mind while 108 times provides maximum benefit, 41 times will harvest some result and 11 times is best used only for maintenance. Once you have received confirmation that the energy is giving life to the results you are anticipating, your inner voice will direct you.


New Beginnings Mantra – Prayer To Lord Ganesha
Om Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada


What is the best way to listen to this mantra? This mantra is spoken in Sanskrit thus, the sound can be hard to speak aloud. While it may be tempting to just listen and not recite the mantra, the power comes from the sound generated from your speaking soul. To assist you we have included the written Sanskrit mantra. Do not get discouraged with the pronunciation, trust that your spirit will engage with the mantra to bring about a paradigm shift. Trust in the power of the mantra.



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