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Cumin - supports the digestive system

Art of the Soul

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Cumin, Turkey, steam distilled

Cumin oil, cuminum cyminum, has a nutty, spicy, and musky aroma.  The oil is extracted from the dried crushed cumin seeds and processed through steam distillation.  The flavorful spice is used in bread, olive oil, grilled fish, and many Middle Eastern and Indian dishes.

Cumin oil is powerful in helping flatulence, preventing gas, and as a stimulant for the digestive system.  If you are a victim of cellulite, then cumin oil can help remove those difficult marks from your body.  Cumin oil can help with deafness after a virus flu infection.  Bactericide oil helps with diarrhea, wounds, and external infections.  The diuretic and stimulant properties of cumin essential oil increases urination causing you to lose fat, remove toxins, and lower blood pressure in your body.  Apply oil topically to a muscle spasm or persistent cough to seek relief.

The antiaging properties of the oil can tone muscles, tissues, skin, and internal organs.  Cumin oil also helps sustain regular menstrual cycle and manage post menopause syndrome.  If you are stressed, cumin oil can calm your nerves.  Cumin, clove, and ginger oil are commonly combined and used in flavoring food.

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Join Us and learn more about Oils, Spiritual Growth, and the joys of meditation.

Join Us and learn more about Oils, Spiritual Growth, and the joys of meditation.