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Clary Sage - a stress reliever

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Clary Sage, Russia, steam distilled

Clary sage oil, salvia sclarea, is medicinal herb commonly used for vision, eye health, stress, and hormones.  The essential oil is extracted through steam distillation from the buds and leaves of the plant.  For the eye, clary sage can brighten eyes, improve vision, eye cleanser, and prevent vision loss from normal or premature aging.  The oil for hormones can relieve menstrual cramps, hot flashes, hormonal imbalances, and testosterone levels.

The antiseptic properties have been reported to protect the body from infections during surgical recovery.  The aphrodisiac characteristic stimulates libido and increases of testosterone levels.  Clary sage essential oil fights depression, anticonvulsive, relaxes nerve impulses, antibacterial, help strengthen gums, tone skin, prevent hair loss, uterine health, reduce both oily and dry skin, heal rashes, eliminate gas, promotes sleep, reduces blood pressure, calming effect, and even possibly fight leukemia.

To relieve stress, inhale a few drops of clary sage oil.  Massage oil with carrier oil to care for muscle cramps or digestive issues.  Add clary sage oil to warm bath water to elevate mood or muscle pain. 

Combine clary sage and rosemary oil to your scalp to damaged hair.  To alleviate asthma symptoms combine clary sage with lavender oil and massage both on your chest or back.

Clary sage oil is available in several sizes, for more information on the larger bottles or general questions on this or any oil, please email us at


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Join Us and learn more about Oils, Spiritual Growth, and the joys of meditation.

Join Us and learn more about Oils, Spiritual Growth, and the joys of meditation.